Podcast: The Great Australian Dream

Scott has teamed up with Rob Doorey from The Great Australian Dream podcast several times.

"Presented by Rob Doorey, a 30 year veteran of commercial radio, a successful real estate auctioneer and a bloke with an insatiable appetite for the real estate industry."

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Ep 8. Some optimism if you’re looking to buy property now | August 2020

The impacts of Covid-19 on the property market has yet to play out in full, however, there are green shoots of optimism for those with secure employment, many of whom are looking at the options in front of them now for their next property move.

In this episode we speak to Scott Aggett from Hello Haus on why right now could be the right time to buy. We look at where we are seeing movement right now and the opportunities presenting now that may not be on offer in 12-18 months time

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Ep 16. How to buy in a hot market & what’s driving it right now | January 2021

In many parts of the country we're seeing a hot property market. So what's driving it and what may ease or put the breaks on? If you're buying right now, how do you get ahead of the pack and make your dream purchase?

In this Episode of The Great Australian Dream we talk to Scott Aggett of Hello Haus. Scott is an expert property negotiator, commentator, property author, speaker, developer, property investor and property coach.

Make sure you check Scott out at www.hellohaus.co especially if want someone to negotiate the best deal possible.

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Ep 31. Bull market no more? Possibly cooling? | May 2021

In this episode of The Great Australian Dream Podcast we catch up with property negotiator Scott Aggett from Hello Haus. Working with agents, buyers and sellers across Australia Scott has a really good handle on the property market and is becoming the go to guy for media outlets for his expert opinion.

So what is going on...it's previously been called a bull market..is this still the case? Has it cooled? Who is nervous, buyers or sellers? These are some of the topics we discuss in this episode.

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