Podcast: Get Invested 214 - Part 2: Scott Aggett on investing in negotiation

The conversation with property negotiator Scott Aggett continues, focusing on how negotiation can help you navigate a hot property market.

"Given the limited supply of properties compared to the massive current demand, finding good quality properties and then being able to outsmart the competing hordes to get the property, many of whom are still prepared to pay way beyond expectations, is proving to be slow painstaking, stressful and very frustrating hard work.

So how do you separate yourself from the FOMO buying pack? How do you successfully outsmart your competition and level the playing field with sellers agents to find, negotiate and secure a property in hyper competitive conditions?

How can you position yourself to ensure that your offer is more appealing to the selling agent and property seller than anyone else?

What should and shouldn’t you be doing to best position yourself in these highly contested conditions?

If you’ve already listened to part 1 of Scott Aggett’s conversation on last week’s episode along with his inspiration for my separate deep dives on transparency and the power of silence in negotiation as part of the new and improved Get Invested format, then I know you’ll be bursting at the seams to enjoy today’s concluding segment that will help you answer these vexing questions."

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