Yahoo Finance: Real estate agents reveal little-known open house red flags

Scott talks to Yahoo Finance about “Red Flags” buyers should be looking out for when dealing with agents and buying property. From presentation tricks to inspecting homes when the traffic is light, go in with your eyes wide open to avoid ending up with a lemon and the dreaded "buyers remorse”

'Looking for a property can be stressful but can also be so much fun. When my husband and I were renting we used to go to open houses if we were bored on a Saturday.

However, we always had one rule: to clean our place before we left. Otherwise it would feel depressing coming home after seeing other people’s homes looking so beautiful and unattainable.

The thing is, when you go to an open house, the property is always looking the best it possibly can, with everything decorated perfectly as if it came straight out of Vogue Living.'

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