Meet the Team

Our team, lead by Scott Aggett, are property experts ready to support you through your property buying journey with industry leading analysis, negotiation and coaching. Whether you’re completing our get ‘Buyer Ready’ course or have already found your dream property but lack the confidence to go it alone, Hello Haus is ready to help you.

Drew Innes

Property & Finance Expert

Scott Aggett

Founder / Director
Expert Negotiator

Sam Powell

Lead Analyst

What we do

If you can find your dream property, we then expertly analyse its value, then insulate you from the selling agent to control the negotiation so you buy at the lowest price and best terms up to four times faster than average buyers who go it alone.

How we do it

Our property experts secure your dream home or investment for you, saving you Time, Money, Stress and Uncertainty.

As Australia's only national property negotiation as a service business, our performance fee is paid from the savings we make you below the target price you set for us to negotiate. This means your financial interests and ours are aligned, which is unique in the real estate industry.

Buying is hard,
we've got your back

You're on the way to the easiest purchase ever.