The ‘Get Buyer Ready’ Course

Learn how to Find, Analyse, Negotiate & Transact

Educated Buyers avoid these common issues

A scattergun approach leads to an average of seven months on market, trying to find your ideal property and puts you at risk of overpaying, as you don’t know the market value.

Not understanding the buying process and failing to ask the right questions of selling agents, leads to agent game playing and failed offers on your dream property up to five times.

The drawn out buyer journey littered with false starts and mis-information creates an un-easy experience and can end up costing you thousands in wasted money and your own time.

Real Estate Agents are employed to extract an emotional premium. Most buyers don’t realise when they are getting ripped off or overpaying at the hand of the selling agent.

After missing out on average five times, tired and frustrated, buyers resort to settling for less than they deserve or set out to purchase.

The only Real Estate Education you need, to go from Finance Ready to Buyer Ready

Course Overview

  • 3hrs Video Content
  • 44 Lessons
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Downloadable Content
  • Worksheets and Quizzes
  • Call with a Buyer Coach
  • Facebook Group
  • Live Weekly Training Calls
  • Ongoing Support

The Buyer Ready Process

Get Buyer Ready Course

In three hours you can complete our industry first course and learn the fundamentals of the buying process. On completion you will know how to find, analyse, negotiate and transact.

Discovery Call

Discuss your property goals as a home buyer or investor and develop a buying strategy that will reduce your days on market and save you from paying an emotional premium.

Buyer Coach

This course distills 25 years of property buying and selling expertise into micro lessons that you can learn and implement. Your Buyer Coach will make sure you stay focused and on track.



The problem is, average buyers miss seeing up to 40% of properties for sale and have never been taught how to approach real estate agents like an expert.

Learn how to find pre and off market properties with the latest tools faster than average buyers and engage with agents the right way to stay ahead of the competition.



Accurate analysis is key to knowing what a property is worth to you, considering your immediate and longer term goals.

Learn how to analyse market conditions and establish the value to create an informed target price.



Learn negotiation strategy, including tips, tricks and tactics, to prepare for the buying process and handling the agent games.

If your still not confident to negotiate and are concerned about paying an emotional premium like most average buyers, one of our experts can do it for you.



Learn how to navigate the sales process from offer to settlement and secure your dream property with confidence.

Understand the role of your lender, conveyancer, real estate agent in the contract and funding process and know your rights for the pre-settlement inspection and property handover.

Buyer Ready – A Smarter Way

Get Buyer Ready will take you from being an average buyer to an educated buyer and give you the skills to either go it alone, or the awareness to realise you can't out-negotiate a well trained selling agent without experts like the Hello Haus team negotiating for you.

Gone are the days where you have to make life’s largest purchase without training, guidance and an expert analyst and negotiation team on your side if you choose not to ‘go it alone’.

Enrol now in the 'Get Buyer Ready' course below and we look forward to seeing you in the members area. You'll have access to a Buyer Coach, a complimentary Discovery Call, a Facebook Group, live weekly training calls and ongoing support.

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Why Buyer Ready?

  The Current Way A Smarter Way

The Buyer Journey

The Buyer Journey
Go it alone
The Buyer Journey
Educated On The Buying Process
Buyer Ready


Over 90 hours
Research 300 Properties
Learn Time Saving Tips & Tricks
Learn to Find Pre / Off Market Listings


Do it yourself
No expertise
Learn Analysis Skills to determine;
Real Time Market Value & Buyer Depth


Miss up to 5 x times
Pays Emotional Premium
Stress & Overwhelm
Craft the Ultimate Offer
Get ahead of the Buyer Competition
Learn to Control the Negotiation


Takes 7 months
Settles for Less

Learn how to ...

Buy With Speed
Secure Ideal Contract Terms
Don't overpay
Get what you want
Avoid Buyer Remorse

Get Buyer Ready Now!