Negotiation - the one skill in property that will save or cost you money (big time)

Negotiation is a learnt skill, so often overlooked by inexperienced property buyers who don't pay it the respect it deserve.

Welcome to todays episode of the Get Buyer Ready Show. We go #live at 12-noon every Wednesday AEST Brisbane time in our Facebook Group.

Strong negotiation skills are paramount to buying well - so why do buyers go it alone when they lack these skills?

Is it "ignorance or arrogance" to think you can out negotiate a skilled real estate agent who trains daily in the art form when the average Australian buyer transacts once in ten years?

We see it everyday in online property forums, punters giving other punters advice around "low balling" agents or "offer on 10 to see who takes the lowest price". Are these actually worthwhile strategies and will they yield you results consistently?

The short answer is NO.

Lowballing is NOT a strategy. It demonstrates your an amateur and have no idea how to establish market value, buyer depth and the offer terms that are key to the Vendor to get a deal done - fast.

When you do something day in / day out for decades, patterns emerge and it's no different with the work we do in property negotiation.

We know what works in different circumstances, and what is a high % play to use at the right time.

Today we will highlight some case studies we are working on currently, how certain negotiation tricks perform when used via email, sms or phone and leave you with some thinking around these different strategies;

  • SMS offers
  • Using Leverage
  • Why time is of the essence
  • Bidding in small increments
  • Low balling offers
  • Playing a waiting game after you offer before moving again
  • Out bluffing the agent and how not to get bluffed yourself
  • How to test the price guide on the very first call to determine where the price needs to sit


How we Work

If you can find your dream property, we then expertly analyse its value, then insulate you from the selling agent to control the negotiation so you buy at the lowest price and best terms up to four times faster than average buyers who go it alone.

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