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What to expect when using a property negotiator

It’s a real (estate) jungle out there. You can be sure that anyone looking to buy property is hunting down the best deal. It can feel a little bit scary and a whole lot overwhelming.

The best way to tip the scales in your favour is to use a property negotiator to do the hard part for you – the deal making. If you’ve never used one before, here’s what to expect from a property negotiator like Hello Haus.

hello haus expert property negotiator

hello haus expert property negotiator

Wait, what does a property negotiator do?

A property negotiator has one goal – to get you a better deal on the house you want. Once your sales research is done, you’ve identified the house you want and secured your finance, we can help you in the price negotiation stage of the property purchase.

At Hello Haus we single-mindedly aim to secure your target property for a price that is lower than the amount you’re prepared to pay.

Ready? Strap yourself in.

If you’re going into a house purchase without a property negotiator, prepare for a bumpy ride. Things will work out differently than you imagine. And you might not end up with the house you so desperately want.

You might be faced with some tough questions. How much do you really want this property? Is it really the right one for you? How fast are you prepared to move to make it happen? Can you take time off work with short notice to see a new listing in your favourite building or must-have street so you don’t miss out?

But with a property negotiator at your side, the buying process is straightforward. We’ve spent years as real estate agents and we draw on that expertise to navigate you smoothly through the price negotiation stage.

Clarity is power

Think about other major purchases you’ve made. A car, a boat, a business, that bucket list holiday. Doubt creeps in at some point in the buying process, right?

So, when that happens while buying a house, you’ve got to be decisive about your wish list and stick to it. If you can’t be clear about your motivation to buy, you’ll stumble and possibly lose the perfect property.

With Hello Haus, you don’t have to face toughened real estate agents on your own and get lost in the sales tactics that have you second guessing your reason to buy. The clarity we bring you is so powerful because we make it easy to hone in on your goal and seize the prize – for less than you expected to pay.

Stay cool when the heat is on

Real estate agents are good at putting the pressure on. Expect a lot of it, if you go it alone. Agents will use time and emotional pressures to compel you to act quickly. A keen agent knows that if they race you through the buying process, you’ll have no time to think twice.

But arm yourself with a property negotiator, and we’ll march in calm, stone-faced and rational on your behalf. Distanced from the emotion and anticipation of securing your dream property, we’re removed from the pressure an agent applies. That’s key to us being able to negotiate fiercely and effectively for you.

Home truths

Warning to DIY buyers – you may be heartbroken. Expect your first and maybe next offers to be rejected. If you get pipped at the post on the perfect property, it can really get you down.

Buyers who call on a property negotiator to go into battle for them always have the upper hand. At Hello Haus, we make your offer stronger because we know how to close the deal by being flexible with your settlement period, deposit amount and the nitty gritty that can help remove roadblocks and avoid broken hearts.

Buying a new house can be a wild ride in the jungle. Use Hello Haus and we’ll make it a steady, straightforward experience that leaves you with more money in your pocket.

Get a better deal with Hello Haus.

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