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Hello Haus: The Buying Process

The 4 Steps To Buying:

There are four steps to the Buying Process.

While straightforward, it can be lengthy.  As with any other investment or projects, success starts with identifying the goal and then breaking down the steps to achieving it;  in this case, locating and securing your dream home or investment property without overpaying, in a timely manner without the stress.

1. Finance

What can you afford?  Have you got a deposit?  Are you “Finance Ready” and Pre-Approved?

2. Features

What are the top 5-7 features your next property must have to meet your criteria?

3. Properties

House hunting.  Buyers who find the best properties, do the most research themselves.

4. Negotiation

Engage Hello Haus to negotiate the best price and terms on your next property purchase.  We’re experts in saving you Time, Money and Stress.


Who uses Hello Haus?

  • First home buyers
  • Investors
  • Owner occupiers

We understand that the best properties are found by buyers who do their own research while the best prices are secured by those who negotiate better than the selling agent.  That’s where we come in – Hello Haus expertly take back control of the selling process and negotiate with the selling agent on behalf of all types of property Buyers.

Unlike a buyers’ agent who is incentivised to close the deal quickly at any price in order to get paid, Hello Haus is performance based and incentivised to save you money below your agreed target price.

Whether this is your first, second or tenth property purchase, engage Hello Haus to get the best price.  We’re experts in saving you money.

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