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Hello Haus Client Testimonials

Ben, an Investor from Sydney tell his story about working with Scott

Wai Fong, Seller, Camperdown, NSW | $1,160,000

‘Scott has helped me buy and sell properties over more than a decade. Recently I contacted him to find me a good selling agent and once again he proved to be invaluable. Good agents prove themselves in difficult markets and Scott helped me find an experienced, hardworking and honest agent and it did not cost me a cent. He contacted agencies for me, vetted possibilities and ultimately the choice from a shortlist of 3 was quite simple. Of course he saved me thousands but more importantly he found me an agent I could trust. Thank you Scott.’

Kat, Seller, Calalla Bay, NSW | $1,100,000

‘Good advice and a great customer experience. We were very happy and confident that we made the right choice based on Scott’s extensive knowledge and experience.
Definitely recommend.’

Erin, Owner Occupier, Yeppoon, QLD | $383,000 | Saved $12,000

‘As a not only a first home buyer but an interstate first home owner who had a very short time frame, Scott was incredible. He was professional, kind and most importantly very knowledgeable. He helped me understand the process and was so easy to work with. I got my dream first house for much less than I thought I was going to have to pay thanks to Scott and well within the time frame I needed. I cannot recommend Scott enough!’


‘We were recommended Hello Haus by some friends who spoke so highly of Scott and the team, and now we also cannot recommend them enough!! On first meeting with Scott it is evident how knowledgeable he is, his transparency and honesty is like a breath of fresh air! Then as we worked Scott, we came to experience his amazing support, he was extremely responsive, available for us to bounce off questions (no matter how big or small), his kindness as we experienced the highs and lows of trying to secure properties, and his advocacy for us negotiating with the agents took away so much stress!

Scott gave us tips to know how to bid, how to secure pre auction and steps to make ourselves competitive buyers – steps we would otherwise never dreamt of but ultimately helped us to secure the house of our dreams!

Scott has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone trying to purchase in this market.

Thank you Scott! Thank you for being there for us, understanding the work/family/new baby juggle and for your guidance through this process, we absolutely could not have done this without you.’

Kel, Seller, Safety Beach, VIC | Sold $785,000

‘Scott was a wonderful support in the sale of my home. The time he saved me in engaging and selecting an agent was so helpful and also having someone to bounce off in negotiations was priceless. Scott delivered on everything he said he could support me with and I highly recommend his services. Thank you!’

Mark G, Owner Occupier, Elizabeth Bay, NSW | $3,100,000 | Saved $100,000

‘Scott is the person you need on your side in any sales negotiation – efficient reliable and superb results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or clients’

Liz & Justin, Owner Occupiers, Parramatta, NSW | Saved $10,000

‘My partner and I cannot recommend Scott enough! We are first home buyers, and being completely new to the process, we engaged Scott to assist after we faced some challenges in negotiating a price for an apartment in Sydney. Scott managed to wrap up a deal within 48 hours and we found him to be extremely responsive, patient in answering all my (probably annoying) questions and he is absolutely worth the investment. We will definitely be engaging Scott when the time comes to purchase again!’

Andrew, Owner Occupier, Avalon, NSW

‘Scott played a pivotal role in my partner and I locking in a home in a difficult market. Our pre approval was due to expire prior to the auction so Scott managed to negotiate pre auction to secure the property. After he had helped us secure the property he then continued to advocate for us during contractual negotiation even though he had nothing further to gain! Scott was a pleasure to deal with, entirely professional and very efficient. Thank you Scott for helping us through an incredibly stressful period successfully. I will be recommending Scott to all my family and friends looking to buy a house!’

Toan, Investor, Seller, Sydney | Sold: Quakers Hill $950,000 & Drummoyne $1,760,000

‘It was a great experience working with Hello Haus. Scott assisted me to select an agent to sell my property. He was responsive and kept me posted along the way and also helped to coordinate most aspects of the selection process. I would definitely engage Scott again in the future for negotiation assistance in property transactions.’

Stewart & Rachel, Investors, Sydney | Saved: $19,000

‘I engaged HH & Scott to help with the property I had my eye on, but I knew the competition was a little fierce so I tried to keep my expectations in check. Once HH got involved though it was like the whole process went into overdrive. I suddenly felt like it was me/ us in the driving seat and at the end of it all the property was bought for $19k under the asking price (amazing in the Sydney market right now), with half the deposit and it was done in a week. He even put me in contact with someone who nailed the contracts in two days and helped me tick all the boxes with strata report etc. I can’t think of a single reason why I’d even consider doing it myself in future’

Isabella, Investor, Gold Coast | Saved: $49,000

‘If you are looking to secure a property I cannot recommend Scott enough! As a first home buyer, I had little knowledge of the process and the thought of buying interstate was daunting. From our first phone consult I felt supported and experienced minimal stress. I appreciated Scott’s interest and high responsiveness. Within a week he had secured a property for me in a market with little stock 39K below my target price. I will be recommending Scott to all my family and friends!’

Kellie, Owner Occupier, Gold Coast | Saved: $50,000

‘Scott is amazing, he is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. If was fantastic to have someone who knows what they’re doing negotiate for me with a brilliant result. Thanks’

Kaylene, Seller, Brisbane | Sale Price: $1,535,000

‘I had so little knowledge about where to start when I began the process of selling my house. Scott was a godsend! He was responsive to my questions and I felt like he had my back. Thank you Scott and Hello Haus. SOLD!’

Jef, Seller, Brisbane | Sale Price: $355,000

‘I used Scott & Hello Haus’ agent selector service in late October 2021 and am thoroughly impressed with his professionalism, organisation and proactivity! Having sold several houses by myself selecting the selling agent previously the experience between this and using Hello Haus is chalk and cheese.

From the start of the process where the team send 3 of the best agents in the area directly to your inbox without having to be involved in the back and forth with agents and then being given the control along with the transparency.

Throughout the process Scott is available to offer his expertise and checks in regular intervals where any assistance is required.

Highly recommend him and his service and we achieved an excellent sale price as well.’

Laura, Seller, Surfers Paradise | Sale Price: $1,502,000

‘I was looking for the right agent to sell a rather unique penthouse in Surfers Paradise. I know a lot of agents on the Gold Coast which can make it difficult but really wanted to make sure that we got the right agent for both the property style and location.

I reached out to Scott who did the research on the agents in the area and provided me a short list of names and why he was recommending them. Scott then organised for the agents to view the property and respond to him with their thoughts and recommendations. Following discussion on this Scott then advised the agents of our decision. Scott then negotiated the commission rate paid for the sale.

What was terrific was that I did not have the agents following me up directly and that Scott also achieved a far better commission rate that I would have.

It made everything so easy and resulted in a very successful auction sale.

Scott was awesome with his support throughout the whole process. Great thing is that it doesn’t matter what location you are in Scott can work his wonder for you.

I will certainly be going back to Scott next time I plan to put one of my properties on the market.’

Tom, Owner Occupier, Ocean Shores | Purchase Price: $940,000

‘Scott was an absolute dream to work with. Responsive, knowledgeable and to the point. Having him on our side and helping us navigate our way through buying our first house was so valuable. I don’t know how long it would have taken us to get a house over the line without him.’

Chris & Lever, Investors, Montello TAS | Purchase Price: $295,000

‘Scott is a lovely person and an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s very clear that Scott is an incredibly experienced negotiator. He knows exactly what games real estate agents play and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and work hard for his buyer. He knows how to ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right order, and he is prepared to pull people up when they’re not being transparent. His understanding of strategy and the negotiating process is hands-down impressive. He takes the time to communicate and explain his processes and is reliable and punctual every step of the way. Having Scott on your team gives you all the confidence you need to purchase, and we would without hesitation recommend him to anyone who’s purchasing!’

Kerrie, Investor, Miami, QLD | Purchase Price: $945,000

‘We recently engaged Scott to negotiate in purchasing a home for us on the Gold Coast. We had missed out on a couple of homes due to the tight market and ourselves being interstate. Scott was always responding quickly to questions and has knowledge in negotiation that we could never had the outcome ourselves. Scott managed to save us $20,000 which in this market was amazing to us. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and our daughter has engaged him as well.’

Michaila, First Home Buyer, Cranbourne North, VIC | Purchase Price: $576,000

‘Scott helped us navigate through as first home buyers to secure an amazing deal and house. His experience, expertise and rapid response to our needs was exceptional and made all the difference. If you are on the fence do it! You literally have nothing to lose.’

Michelle, Investor, Brisbane | Purchase Price: $650,001 | Savings: $20,000

‘Working with Scott was amazing! Through Scott’s knowledge and insight, I secured a property (wasn’t highest offer) due to competitive terms and conditions. I’d definitely recommend working with Scott to secure your next property, I know I will be. Thanks so much Scott!’

Lachie, Owner Occupier, Randwick, Sydney | Purchase Price: $3,600,000

‘Buying a house was an incredibly stressful process. Scott was an absolute legend throughout the entire process.

He not only coached us and gave great advice, he was also really patient in working with us. He was in constant communication and provided us with the necessary updates.

I can’t recommend his services enough. Handing over the negotiation to Scott was the best decision we made throughout the process.
Get around this man, you won’t regret it.’

Kelly, Gold Coast, QLD | Owner Occupier | Saved $50,000

‘Being down in NSW on the North Coast, being that far away contributed to quite a bit I think knowing that I had someone up in the Gold Coast who was in the local market and knowing his stuff, really helped! The reason I wanted to go with Scott, I wanted the security that I wasn’t going to be overpaying. I have never gone through this process before, so I was quite hesitant to do the negotiations myself. I wanted someone who knew what they were doing and could get me the best outcome. And I knew it was worth having someone on my team who I knew could help me and I could feel confident with. It’s stressful enough with the market going insane, so having someone like Scott there to help and guide me every step of the way when it came to negotiating was brilliant.

I was looking in the area in streets adjacent to where we wanted to buy and looking at the sale prices and seeing what they were going for, if it was advertised at one price they were going for so much more which made it so unpredictable and hard to tell what the prices were going to go for, so this is where Scott came in and really helped. We went well under budget which was absolutely amazing, I’m so stoked about it. We set a target price of $630,000 and we managed to secure our home at $580,000. I’m so happy with the process, it works and is so worth the investment.’

Harry, Owner Occupier, Brisbane | Purchase Price: $416,000

‘Honestly, I can’t recommend Scott highly enough. He was recommended to me by a friend who is a property professional and I soon found out why. We did the looking for a property that suited us, then Scott would take over. It is a really hot market here in Brisbane at the moment so we were just being beaten to it all the time. Once we employed Scott however, once we found a property, he would immediately jump in and find the lowest price that would secure the property there and then.

The second property we looked at, we were able to secure rapidly and Scott then helped us negotiate all the pitfalls until the deal was done. Always available at odd hours for calls, texts or emails. He also put us on to a solicitor who was equally helpful. We couldn’t have hoped for more.’

Whitney & Alex, Owner Occupier, Brisbane | Purchase Price: $4,500,000 | Saved $60,000

‘Thanks so much again for your help purchasing our forever home. We are over the moon!!! We would highly recommend your support to others (and have done so already!) You made the process so much less stressful for us and we really appreciate your expert guidance throughout.’

Shyana, Investor, Coogee, Sydney

‘Scott was vital to our purchase. He managed the process professionally and I would happily work with him again.’

Alena, Naremburn, Sydney | Auction Listing: ‘Over $775,000’ | Target Price: $810,000 | Purchase Price: $760,000 | Savings: $50,000

‘As a nervous and green first home buyer the thought of having to negotiate against a real estate agent freaked me out, I was happy to engage an expert to fight for the best price on my behalf. Hello Haus saved me $50,000 on a $760,000 purchase price so it was life changing.

With Scott’s help I have recently purchased my first property. In the past I have never thought of using someone for the contract negotiation but I have to say it has been the best thing I could have done. Scott has shown a high degree of professionalism and he has been a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed his directness and timeliness. His background and knowledge of the industry become very apparent during the process as he would guide me and ask me some critical questions that I would not think of. At one point, due to his advice I changed my mind about one property that I considered buying.

Three months later I found something that was more what I was initially looking for and I was glad that I took his advice on board. I have been pleasantly surprised at how smooth and seamless this transition has been and of course the best of all I have saved a lot of money by engaging Scott to handle this process on my behalf.

It is a pleasure to recommend Scott to anyone that is looking to buy a property. He is one in a million!’

Bridgette, First Home Buyer, Lane Cove, Sydney | Listed Price: Over $650,000 | Target Price: $680,000 | Purchase Price: $675,000 | Savings: $5,000

‘I am a first home buyer. Buying a property can be a stressful thing for anyone but when it’s your first house it’s to an even greater degree. I decided to give Hello Haus a call to remove some of that stress. After doing some research into the areas I was interested in and deciding on a maximum figure I gave them a call. Having never done this before, Scott got to know me and offered advice on how to research the market and made sure I was pre approved for a loan before we took the next step. He was always available to bounce ideas off too which I found to be incredibly helpful. When I found the property I wanted, Scott suggested we act quickly and try to secure it before auction. I had complete faith in his abilities and left it all up to him. My offer was accepted the following day and the only thing left to do was sign the contract! I found Scott to be extremely professional, reliable and dedicated to getting me the best deal possible. He was always available to answer any questions I had, nothing was too much trouble and his experience in the industry proved to be invaluable. Scott was a pleasure to deal with and with his help I secured a fantastic apartment in a sought after location in 6 short weeks since I initially began looking. I would highly recommend Hello Haus to everyone in the market, they’ll take care of you!’

Magdalene, First home buyer, Fawkner, VIC | Listed Price: Over $685,000 | Target Price $690,000 | Purchase Price: $681,000 | Savings: $9,000

‘Thanks to Scott, my husband and I have just purchased our first home at a price we are really happy with! Scott is a great negotiator with an in-depth knowledge of real estate. He’s incredibly responsive and a great person to have on your side! He really took a lot of the stress out of the house purchase. I’ll definitely be recommending his services to other people.’

Steve & Simone, Gledswood Hills, Sydney | Listed Price $935,000 | Purchase Price: $921,000 | Savings: $14,000

‘Scott was such a great help to my husband and I while we were searching for the right property. He has so much knowledge and experience in the industry that it shone through in his advice and guidance of us through the process of dealing with agents, and all their confusing tactics of trying to get us to buy their property. He helped us to cut through the lies that many agents spun us and this was invaluable. He is such a nice approachable man and went above and beyond for us. He is a great negotiator and really had our best interests at heart. No question was silly and he made us feel like he always had time to help us. We would use him again for our next property.’

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Jase & Kylie, Owner occupiers trading up, Glen Waverley, VIC | Listed price: $1,250,000 | Target price $1,225,000 | Purchase Price: $1,188,000 | Savings: $37,000

‘We can never imagine our buying process can be this organized, confident and in so much control with the help of Hello Haus. Communication with Scott was very effective, prompt and up to date, even after hours! He was absolutely on top of things, taking one step at a time to make sure we didn’t fall trap into loosing our position in negotiation due to emotional attachment to a particular property. Hello Haus will come up with a customized buying strategy, provide lots of guidance and advise along the way, yet still allows you to make the final call. We had a very successful buying outcome engaging Hello Haus, saving an unbelievable $37k. The current market surely needs more buyer’s agent like Hello Haus to create a balance in the property market, assisting Australians in securing their dream home without paying a hefty price tag. Highly recommended and not a single regret! Thanks Hello Haus.’

Joanna, Owner occupiers trading up, North Bondi, Sydney | Listed Price: $3,000,000 | Target Price: $2,860,000 | Purchase Price: $2,850,000 | Savings: $10,000

‘My husband and I have bought and sold a couple of houses over the last few years, but have always found the negotiation side tricky. It’s very hard not to let your emotions about just a big purchase as your own home get in the way of smart negotiating, while skilled estate agents know how to push you to your limits. That’s why recently when we found the house we wanted to buy as our family home, we engaged Scott from Hello Haus to negotiate for us. We could not be happier with the result and would never have achieved it without him. Our love for the property would most certainly have pushed us above our agreed budget and stretched us to our financial limits in an attempt to secure it. Instead Scott held his ground through a difficult negotiation and played tough for us, ultimately achieving our target price and one we felt was fair. I highly recommend engaging Scott and Hello Haus for your next purchase.’

Ian, Revesby, Sydney | Target Price $865,000 | Purchase Price: $850,000 | Savings: $15,000

‘Scott was very professional and made a difficult process much easier. We probably wouldn’t have made an offer without his assistance. It was easy and fast and we got a great price, he also added in some better terms we hadn’t thought of. Highly recommended.’

Mayra, Owner Occupier, North Sydney | Target Price $489,000 | Purchase Price $485,000 | Savings $4,000

‘It took me a long time to find the perfect property. And even though there were some false starts, in the end it was all worth it!

Scott was always available and eager to help. When I finally found a place to buy. Hello Haus was so hands on. Scott moved incredibly quick and efficiently and I had my new, beautiful apartment 48 hours later.

I couldn’t believe it!’

Lorraine & Col, Down Sizers, Banora Pt, NSW | Target Price $550,000 | Purchase Price $535,000 | Savings $15,000

‘My husband and I recently retired and decided to relocate to northern NSW to be closer to our family and grandchildren. We wanted to downsize and while doing so also put some money aside for our retirement. However due to a downturn in the Sydney market we didn’t get as much money as we had expected and worse still our potential nest egg was getting smaller due to increased house prices up north. This caused us a lot of stress with the thought of not having as much money to fall back on in our later years.

We looked at a lot of properties, however most left us with not much in the bank which was increasingly stressful. We finally found a property we liked however the agent was not easy to deal with and this is where Scott got involved and took the stress out of it for us. I really thought we would have to pay the full list price however I was over the moon when Scott came back to us 24 hours later and had secured our dream property at the best price and even saved us an extra $15,000. This meant so much to us as we will never have an income again. Thanks to Scott we are now in a better financial position that enables us to have a “buffer zone” going into retirement.

I would happily recommend Scott to anyone who is buying a house for the money he can save you and the helpful advice he provides. I now know that buying a house is not easy and negotiating is even harder, however Scott is an expert at both. Using his real estate “know how”, experience and superior negotiating skills he supported us through the process from start to finish. Scott is a pleasure to deal with and took all the stress out of it for us.’

Ben, Woolloomooloo, Sydney | Prices Confidential

‘Hello Haus helped me negotiate the purchase of an investment property in a highly competitive and strong market, saving me thousands from what I was prepared to pay before auction.

Scott provides guidance and advice during the pre-auction process, which resulted in a situation where I was positioned favourably for a subsequent purchase in a competitive environment.

I would highly recommend the Hello Haus service to anyone, investors and purchasers alike. It minimised the stress, the unknown and resulted in a favourable financial outcome for me. Everyone was a winner – except maybe the seller!’

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Lucy, Miami, Gold Coast | Owner Occupier/Investor | Prices Confidential

‘Even though I am a property investor and this would have been my seventh property purchase, Hello Haus really helped me with a difficult negotiation process in which I was trying to purchase a property before it went to auction. I was also travelling overseas during the time that the property was due to be auctioned.

Scott gave me extensive advice and I authorised him to manage the whole process when I was overseas.  Scott maintained regular updates and the result was that I purchased a property at a more than competitive rate.

Overall, working with Hello Haus took away all the stress so that I could concentrate on other commitments and resulted in the purchase of a property at a price which is well below what most people are paying for a house and land that is half the size of mine in the area.

I highly recommend Hello Haus to anyone from first-time buyers to investors who are looking at purchasing a property.’

Tania, Glenroy, VIC | Owner Occupier | Purchase Price $483,500 | Savings $6,500

‘Scott’s service is a godsend. My sister and I have wanted to purchase a home (at a good price) for a while now. But with the real estate market the way it is in Melbourne, we’ve had some difficulty. Finding a property that ticks all the boxes is the easy part. Negotiating on price and dealing with real estate agents is the tricky bit, but Scott had the expertise and negotiating skills we needed.

With Scott’s help, we felt confident to stick to our guns on price. From start to end, Scott was very professional. He clearly communicated his advice and made sure we were happy with his tactics before he went ahead with negotiations.

The end result is we bought the very first property we asked Scott to help us with, at a reasonable price. The process was quick and easy. We love our new home – thanks again Scott for helping us to make it happen!’

Alex, Woronora, NSW | Owner Occupier | Price Confidential

‘Great experience, service was very helpful and paid for itself. Would highly recommend this service to any home buyer.’

Nicole & Rob, Dundowran Beach, QLD | Owner Occupiers | Listed Price $650,000 | $40,000 saving

‘Scott has been extremely professional throughout the process and is a superb negotiator. It was fantastic to have someone take the stress and emotion away from the deal and get our property for the best price. He was always quick to respond to all our questions and contactable at anytime – even when he was overseas on family holiday at Christmas! Highly recommend his service for any property deal.’

Rei & Son, Belmont, VIC | Investors | Target Price $520,000 | Paid $500,000 | saved $20,000

‘We were introduced to Scott at Your Property Success Mentoring Program. As this is a joint investment with my son, we want to ensure we start off on the right track. We engaged Scott to negotiate for us as soon as we found the property after much research. Providing Scott with comparable sales in the area, he knocked $20,000 off our target price. He kept us in the loop and gave us advise along the way. We highly recommend Hello Haus. Scott, thank you very much’

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Susie, Maryland, NSW | First Time Investor | Target Price $492,500

‘During Covid-19, I got the property I wanted at the target price. I had not bought a house for a very long time and having Scott along side of me, gave me the confidence I needed to make sure I was going to get the property I wanted for the right price. Being in the midst of the Covid-19 environment, the market was a little more difficult to not only find a suitable property, but to seal the deal, as there was not a lot of stock on the market. We only had a limited time to buy (30 short days) as our pre-approval was running out and we took 5 months to get a loan approved, so did not want to blow this small window of opportunity. We made a few offers on a few different properties but it turned out they were not a good buy after our pest and building inspections! To be honest, I was not that excited about those properties anyway, even though they met the criteria, investment wise. We found another property in an adjoining area that we made an offer on, but the vendor wanted another $5000, but Scott and I agreed to not go higher due to the fact we both felt our offer was fair market value, and it DID need a lot of work. I also knew I had another property to see in a couple of days before our deadline timing wise, so we sat upon the lower offer. Scott had made some very helpful suggestions like contacting agents in my new found area that met my criteria, and that actually paid off for us. An agent called me with a pre listing. This is the house we ended up buying and because of our time line and not wanting to miss out on the house, Scott and I agreed to give our best and final offer. This was accepted and we exchanged contracts (after a bit of a lag from the conveyancers) So even though we were not able to get any further reduction off our target price, due to our special circumstances, Scott gave us invaluable advice on how to make sure we did not miss out on the property as there were other buyers interested in the property. Scott was spot on with his advice and I seriously appreciated the way he held my hand every step of the way. He not only did his job, but was genuinely caring to follow through on how it was all proceeding. I can’t recommend Scott more highly, as someone who will assess your personal situation, and get the property for you in the best way possible, whether it is reduction of price, or in our case, making sure we got the property and not lose it. Thank you Scott. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!’

Amanda, Neutral Bay, NSW | First Home Buyer | Paid $707,000 | saved $3,000

‘Scott was amazing in helping me purchase my first property. As a first time buyer Scott was fantastic in helping me work through the process of finding the perfect property and handling all the negotiations with the real estate agent on my behalf. His coaching and knowledge was invaluable, would highly recommend using Scott and his service. Would definitely have Scott negotiate any future purchases and highly recommend to other people’

Dean, Brisbane, QLD | Investor | Paid $465,000 | saved $15,000

‘I am so glad I found out about Hello Haus before purchasing my first home. The service Scott provided was absolutely amazing!!

I knew every step of the way what was happening through the negotiations and could really have that trust that I had someone that had my back and was working towards my interest. His background and knowledge of the real estate market was obvious and being able to communicate that across was really helpful with knowing the buying process as well as so much more. Always giving his time to cover any uncertainties I had about the process or even the overall processes of buying a property which allowed myself to be more relaxed as I always knew what was to come and nothing seemed a surprise.

I would 100% recommend all first home buyers especially but also anyone hesitant on a property to consider using the service provided by Hello Haus it will really give you more confidence and you’ll know you are getting the best deal there is.

I can’t thank Scott enough for what he has achieved for myself and the service he is providing.’

Max & Myriam, Gold Coast, QLD | First Home Buyers | Target Price $630,000 | Saved $15,000

‘Buying our first house with Scott has been a fantastic experience, it took most of the stress out from the purchasing process. The professionalism and skill level displayed along the negotiation has exceeded our expectations. Hello Haus took the time to understand our needs and Scott was available anytime, pro-actively advising us about every aspect of the purchase. So on top of saving a fair amount on the property purchase, the overall buying process felt very easy.’

Denva, Camp Hill, QLD | Owner Occupier

‘In a highly competitive and overheated market, Scott was able to expertly navigate tough negotiations with the seller’s agents – providing us with valuable insight into the agent’s motivations and market intelligence. In a market where the primary objective is to secure a property quickly without overpaying, Scott is an asset for any buyer. He is also a lovely person, super responsive and all- round a pleasure to deal with.’

Aidan Hartley, NSW | Mortgage Broker

‘Scott at Hello Haus recently saved my clients almost $50,000 and most importantly secured their first choice family home. Highly recommended.’

Sam, Woonana, NSW, | Investor | Saved $19,000

‘Scott at Hello Haus has helped my family several times secure a property and has gone above and beyond every single time. Having Scott in your camp with his level of knowledge and experience gives you a massive advantage in a competitive market. I couldn’t recommend him enough.’

Elan & Emma, Dolans Bay, NSW | Owner Occupier

‘I can’t recommend Scott and Hello Haus enough. Bottom line – he got us into our dream home that we probably never would have managed without his help. In the end he saved us nearly $100k and a whole lot of stress. With all the games that go on in real estate transactions, I’d never buy property again without someone in my corner that can cut through the bull, communicate clearly and directly, and speak agent language to push the right buttons on the other side to get the deal done. Having used buyers agents in the past and paying big $$ for the privilege, I’d just skip all that and go straight to Scott.’

Cassie & Matt, Blue Haven, NSW, | Investors | Saved $14,000

‘Scott from Hello Haus came highly recommended to us as a negotiation service. We had the pleasure of working with him recently on the purchase of an investment property. Scott’s industry knowledge and straight talking manner made the normally challenging and stressful part of purchasing a property virtually stress free. Without Scott involved in the purchase of this property, I am certain we would have paid far more than we needed to or missed out all together. I can’t recommend him highly enough and we will be using him for all property purchases in the future.’

Marc & Jen, Sydney, NSW, | Owner Occupiers

‘I would highly recommend Scott to any buyer in the Australian property market. We appreciate his utmost professionalism, efficiency, responsiveness and frank advice. He helped us secure a property in a fast moving market.’

Sachi & Jay, West Pennant Hills, Sydney, NSW, | Owner Occupiers | Saved $16,000

‘Scott has helped us to get the right property and the right price – definitely saved us considerable amount. The best part is that we got the house we wanted! There are not enough words to thank him for his professional support and being available whenever we needed. We strongly recommend him for anyone who is keen to have a smooth ride through the tough real-estate market in Australia. Best wishes.’

Vitali, Bangor, Sydney, NSW, | Owner Occupier

‘Scott was a great asset to our team to secure the property. I highly recommend him for his negotiating skills, knowledge of the market and high professionalism!’

Miranda, Peregian Beach, QLD | Investor | Saved $26,000

‘Scott helped me to secure my first home. He was an excellent sounding board and our conversations gave me the confidence to act quickly and decisively. Scott’s years of experience, down to earth approach and responsiveness made him a privilege to work with. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.’

Miriam, Brunswick, VIC | Owner Occupier | Saved $189,000

‘Scott was superb – everything I needed to help me buy a house during this stressful, ridiculous post-Covid-lockdown real estate frenzy. He was very professional, extremely knowledgable, an excellent communicator, and wonderfully generous and accommodating to my particular needs. I especially appreciated the amazing support he gave me in making such difficult, life-changing decisions, and the way he inspired total confidence in being able to completely trust him to faithfully pursue my very best interests. I am so pleased I made the decision to engage Scott, and absolutely delighted with the outcome.’

Divij, East Hills, Sydney, NSW | Owner Occupier | Saved $9000

‘I reached out to Scott after missing out on a few properties that me and my partner were aiming for.

In the early 2021 market we are working with at the moment, it’s highly competitive and all the odds are on the sellers side so it’s quite easy for emotions and talk from selling agents to sway your decision making – and this is where Scott helps by being that objective person and also by being an expert in property negotiations.

I think he is really really good at what he does and helps explain things from ‘the other side’ and what the next best strategy is to try and win the property you are after.

I really appreciated the responsiveness, honest feedback and the frequent discussions we had throughout the process.

We successfully ended up securing a property with him within a month of engaging him!’

Phillip, Salle & Melanie, Summerhill, Sydney, NSW | First Home Buyer

‘My wife and I wanted to help our daughter buy her first home. As is often the case in Sydney, the real estate market in early 2021 was ridiculous with rocketing prices but very few desirable properties. We did not want to get left behind so we engaged Scott to give us an advantage over the competition. Scott offers much more than just negotiation skills. He is available at all hours, acts quickly and decisively and we always felt confident that his advice was considered and based on a winning strategy. His contact with the two agents we dealt with ensured that they understood that we were serious buyers. He has a deep knowledge of the real estate game and resources that he draws on to accurately advise on the right price range for a property. Scott’s direction gave us the confidence to better target our offer (in a blind auction) so we knew that we were in the right ballpark. With this advice we were successful in buying a great unit; just the second place that we had made an offer on after Scott came on-board. We will definitely team up with Scott again for any real estate purchase.’

Sam & Hannah, Redfern, Sydney, NSW | Owner Occupier

‘Get the house you want, at the price you want (or better). Scott at Hello Haus provides an excellent service – he is approachable, hard working and delivers outstanding results. I couldn’t recommend him enough. My partner and I were beginning to think we were priced out of our goals, but thanks to Scott we were able to secure an off-market property at better than market value. His ability to cut-through marketing language and communicate clearly with agents is a game-changer.’

Joe & Paula, Forestville, NSW | Owner Occupier | Saved $90,000

‘Can’t recommend Scott’s service highly enough. He helped us to buy in the insanely competitive Sydney market of early 2021 and we never saw his energy and commitment drop, even after we missed out on several properties. Having him in our corner with his knowledge of how the game works gave us the confidence to move very quickly and buy a great home ‘off-market’. Top bloke, too. If you’re wondering whether to work with Scott, do it, you won’t regret it.’

Jessica, Rozelle, NSW | Owner Occupier | Saved $20,000

‘Scott was an incredible asset in my property search. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the property market and strategies for getting the right property at the best price, but he was super responsive and a pleasure to work with. Scott was pivotal in helping me find and win my dream home – at less than I had budgeted for (a huge feat in the current market). Couldn’t recommend him enough!’

Urszula, Sydney, NSW | Seller

‘Scott is a highly recommended professional, who accurately and efficiently helped me to select the best sales agent. Consequently, my apartment in Sydney was sold within 4 weeks, including Christmas break. Thank you Scott.’

Steve, Inglewood, WA | Seller

‘I can’t recommend Scott from Hello Haus enough! I approached Scott to help with purchasing an investment property but Scott quickly pointed out how much better I could do if I had a better strategy. From here the service just kept getting better. He hand-selected the leading agents and referred me onto someone to help devise a better strategy, which actually meant selling my original investment property. He then found me a good local agent (whom he negotiated with on my behalf), and was able to sell my property off market without any costs for a great result! This opened up the doorway to opportunities that I would have never discovered on my own. The most unbelievable part about Scott’s service is that he will advise you on the right decisions, even when there’s nothing in it for him. I will most certainly be using Hello Haus for any future investment properties and have no hesitation recommending Scott to my family and friends.’

Ariana, Bangor, NSW | Owner Occupier

‘With a goal of cracking into the Sydney market at one of the most berserk and competitive times in history, I knew I needed to align myself with a stand-out professional. I stumbled across Scott’s website and from the second I spoke with him I knew he was the guy I needed. He was highly knowledgeable, strategic and professional – plus super personable, upfront and honest. Working with Scott, he was always so available and responsive that I often forgot he even had other clients! (He has customer service down pat!). Unlike so many others in this game (and trust me I hired and fired two buyers agents in 2020), Scott genuinely has your best interest at heart and his pricing regime is fair and set up the correct way (Vs many pricing structures of buyers agents, where there’s no incentive for them to save you money!!) The first home we really wanted, Scott got for us. He developed a strategy to eliminate competition and make our offer as compelling as possible with a healthy dose of urgency. This gave us the absolute best chance for success, and that’s exactly what he achieved for us! He made it happen, no f’ing about and in doing so saved us a great deal of time, stress and in the long run money (given how fast the market is rising). Do yourself a favour – engage Scott today! You will thank yourself you did once your living in your dream home and no longer have to spend each weekend viewing properties.’

Jake & Anna, Gold Coast, QLD | Owner Occupier | Saved $35,000

‘I never do google reviews but felt it was imperative in this instance. In short, we would not have been able to get a house without Scott. Spent the previous three months doing the weekend inspections and offers with zero result. Within a week of hiring Scott we had our dream house, at a lower price, through Scott’s advice, knowledge and negotiating skills. We are forever grateful, Scott you are the king.’

Louise, Balmain, NSW | Owner Occupier | Saved $30,000

‘Scott recently helped me secure a property in the hot Sydney market. Scott is honest, well connected, quick to respond, gives great advice and closes deals. I highly recommend using Scott to negotiate your next property purchase.’

Adam, Whitsundays, QLD | Owner Occupier | Saved $8,000

‘It was a pleasure dealing with Scott from the very first phone call, after normal business hours on a Friday night, till after he closed the purchase. Scott was happy to discuss the process, was open about the tactics he was using for each negotiation and wasn’t deterred by obstacles to meet our price points or property types.

He was happy to negotiate on a number of properties on our behalf, until we finally got agreement on the right block with the right vendor. We also used Scott to bounce ideas off, and strategise our property purchasing plan.

At first I thought Scott wouldn’t be interested in our business because we were only looking to purchase a relatively low value block of land on which to build, but he gave us the same top shelf service he provides to clients who are buying in the $millions.

In the end, while we saved some money, which more than offset the “cost” of Scott’s services, the more important thing was that we were able to purchase a quality block of land for our future. Introducing Scott as my property advisor also gave the vendor confidence that I have a substantial team around me and that going through with this contract is in his best interests. That’s important in a competitive market where vendors are considering multiple offers. An educated vendor would much rather deal with a skilled team, than an individual. We consider this an important consideration beyond the price savings.

To sum up. Would I have Scott on my team for the next purchase, and the one after that? You betcha!’

Greg & Emma, Casuarina, NSW | Owner Occupier

‘Scott is a professional operator who was invaluable in helping us secure our new home. The market we were buying in meant that the bidding and negotiation process was stacked against us. Scott not only made sure that we won the bidding process but he also saved us money which more than covered his fees. Would definitely recommend.’

Tim, Bronte, NSW | Owner Occupier | Saved $9000

‘Professional, efficient, highly recommend. I 100% recommend engaging Scott to handle your property negotiation, particularly in the current climate where people are buying with emotion and prices are inflated. Not only did Scott secure my property under my target price, saving me a significant amount of money, he took out all the stress from my buying journey. He was professional, efficient and communication was excellent from start to finish. Thanks again.’

Investor, North QLD

‘There were so many good points to using Scott’s service – our agent knew our area, got the best price, charged the least commission and held our hand the whole way through a new process. I have limited understanding of selling property – I didn’t even know what a good commission rate was. This took the guess work out of it. I was a little skeptical of using the service because of bad experiences in the real estate industry but Scott stepped me through it all and helped me understand how to make an educated decision for myself.’

Emma, Ballarat, VIC | Owner Occupier

‘Scott was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and supportive in my house-buying process. I would highly, highly recommend him. Here are the different ways he helped me – 1) Scott was great at helping me work out what to bid in a rising, competitive market.I bid on a few properties before working with him, and I didn’t really understand how fast the market was moving. I didn’t get the first property I bid on with Scott, but I ended up getting an offer on an off-market accepted a few days ago, and I don’t think I would have been competitive if he hadn’t helped me hone in on the reality of where the market was on that day. 2) I’m a first home buyer and found the process of buying in a hot market stressful. Scott is very experienced and is calm and supportive. Even though he’s really knowledgeable, he isn’t intimidating and it helped a lot to know I had someone like him to bounce ideas off. I am a first home buyer buying at the lower end of the market, but Scott worked as hard for me as he did for clients looking at places in the millions. He is basically the ideal combination of someone with a high skill level who also cares about his clients! A killer-combo in this market, where you need every advantage you can get. 3) Scott is able to talk to real-estate agents and sort out the lies from the truth VERY quickly, which saved me time and stress. There was a property I was interested in and in a 5 minute phone call Scott worked out that the property was being sold conditional on a grant of probate (legal, but sketchy) and that the property already had offers 30K over the asking price, which was out of my range. So, instead of me spending days working all that out, he found it out in 5 minutes. 4) Having Scott on my team helped me secure an off-market property, because the agent knew that I was a serious and committed bidder and that there would be no issues with settlement. I know from talking to the agent that she was really impressed with Scott’s communication skills, integrity and market knowledge – as well as his determination to get me the property! I think I got the house at a very good price and that Scott probably paid for himself quite a few times over. He certainly got me out of the market a lot faster than I could have on my own, which, in a rising market, means that he more than paid for himself in this way as well. Just to finish off this very long review (!) …I first came across Scott in an interview he did on the She Renovates podcast. If you’re thinking of engaging him, that interview might be useful to listen to, because it gives a good feel for how he works and his market knowledge. Thanks Scott!!’

Virginia & Donny, Tallai, QLD | Owner Occupier

‘Scott has been incredible throughout our purchasing journey. In the current crazy property market where properties are being sold site unseen prior to first opens, we enlisted Scott to help. He was invaluable. He talked us through each step, with a no bull, straight shooting attitude that gave us complete peace of mind. We bought the property through an online auction and he was there to guide us on bids and took over negotiations when we were the highest bidder. We secured the property and absolutely couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks Scott, needless to say we will be in touch for our next property purchase!’

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