Terms And Conditions - Hello Haus

Negotiation Agreement

I/We hereby appoint you to negotiate on my/our behalf to purchase the Property specified in the Hello Haus Engagement Form in which I/we have listed:

1. the address of the Property we wish to purchase,

2. our Maximum Target Price; that is, the maximum sum we are prepared to pay for the Property.

Upon receipt of Offer and Acceptance from the selling agent of the Property confirming the terms upon which I/we can proceed to purchase the Property, I/we will pay Hello Haus Pty Limited 15% + GST* of the difference between the Maximum Target Price and the purchase price for the Property which Hello Haus Pty Limited has negotiated for me/us as specified in the Offer and Acceptance. *A minimum fee of $1800 + GST applies.

I/we acknowledge that Hello Haus Pty Limited is approved solely to negotiate the agreed selling price of the Property on my/our behalf, and that in conducting these negotiations Hello Haus Pty Limited is simply acting with our authority and is not acting as a real estate agent.

I/We acknowledge that an auction bidding fee of $375 + GST applies to all negotiations handled by Hello Haus on our behalf including phone bidding

I/we acknowledge that no fee will be payable to Hello Haus Pty Limited if no Offer and Acceptance is achieved equal to or lower than the ‘Target Price’ set in respect to the Property; unless the property is purchased during or post auction bidding whereby the minimum fee of $1800 + GST applies for any successful purchase made on my/our behalf.

Here are my/our credit card details. I/we authorise Hello Haus Pty Limited to debit this credit card with any Fees due to Hello Haus Pty Limited under this Agreement.

Authorising Your Credit Card

Once you have completed the Hello Haus Engagement Form, the last thing to do before we get started is to authorise your credit card for our service fee. Hello Haus is a no win, no fee service – so if we do not successfully agree to a purchase at/or below your Target Price, you pay nothing.

Only when Hello Haus communicates to you that offer and acceptance has been achieved will your credit card then be charged our minimum fee of $1800 + GST, with the outstanding balance invoiced to you on 7 day payment terms.