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  • December 23, 2020
  • Hello Haus
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Podcast: Mascot in court and how to clinch a deal

Scott Aggett from Hello Haus caught up with the Flat Chat podcast team to discuss clinching property deals.

In this week’s podcast we catch up with what’s happening at Mascot Towers as owners in the ill-starred building prepare for their day in court.

Specifically, they will be pursuing legal action against the developers of the apartment block next door, construction of which, they claim, undermined the foundations of their block.

Meanwhile they are facing tens of millions of dollars in defect rectification bills to the point where the repairs may cost more than the block is worth.

And the people next door say they have pictures of cracks in the Mascot building before they’d so much as turned a sod.

Then we talk to Scott Aggett a vastly experience real estate agent and ace negotiator with his company Hello Haus on some of the highly developed tactics that have seen him buy and sell 27 properties just for himself.

Scott is a hired gun for people who think they can get the property they want for less, but aren’t sure how to do it. His biggest success? Saving a buyer $800,000 off the purchase of an apartment in London.

It’s a fascinating interview which includes an insight into the classic error single women make when they are negotiating property sales or purchasers

Listen to the podcast here.

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