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Our Guide For Negotiating To Win

Finally a complete guide to help you navigate the buying process more effectively, ensuring you complete the key steps to success and pay the least amount possible. This is easily the most comprehensive guide available on working through due diligence, crunching comparable sales data, understanding why and how we use discovery questions and makes it an easy to follow, step by step process. Don’t miss out on getting the ‘8 Point Beat Your Target Formula’.

In The 8 Point Beat Your Target Formula I’ll Show You:

  • The 3 must focus on areas when wanting to align your buying goals with the sellers, easy to do when you understand the simple plan.
  • How to set at a Target Price quickly and accurately, the tools to determine market value & avoid emotional overspending.
  • The #1 tip to remove fear of loss and take back negotiation control. This is so easy everyone can do it and it will change how agents deal with your interest.

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