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Five Key Skills Of A Top Property Negotiator

Considering using a property negotiator to pay less for your next home? Smart move, boss.

But when it comes to choosing a top property negotiator it pays – literally – to know what key skills they should bring to the table so you can get the best negotiator on your team. We can potentially knock off tens of thousands of dollars from the sale price so getting informed is a wise financial move.

Here are the five most important abilities your property negotiator should have to outmatch the vendor’s agent.

hello haus expert property negotiator

hello haus expert property negotiator

1. Superior real estate agent expertise

A property negotiator is an expert real estate agent. Negotiators on the Hello Haus team have risen to the top of their field selling property and we’re using our experience to make buying at a fair price easier for people like you.

Your property negotiator brings insight gained from thousands of real estate deals to the most important one – yours. We understand the psychology and emotions of all kinds of buyers and sellers. And we have a knack for knowing how hard to push a vendor and their agent – to get a better price than you hope.

2. Keep calm and cool

Property negotiators know the ropes. We’ve been in the hot seat countless times and know that staying calm gives them more power over the other party.

A real estate agent always makes buyers feel like there are other interested parties; they won’t lose sleep if you don’t buy with them. If a buyer raises concerns about a property to bring the price down, a calm agent will respond with positives and adeptly shift the spotlight to the better features of the home.

But when the pressure rises, the best property negotiators are calm, cool and in control. That’s because we know how to work these stressful situations to your advantage and we have a big picture perspective that solo buyers don’t have in the heat of them moment.

At Hello Haus, we bring an unshakeable calm to the buying process that helps us outperform the agent to save you money.

3. Stride with assertiveness

When a buyer shows emotion or inexperience, a real estate agent will read this as a weakness. The best property negotiator will stride in to the deal with confidence, ready to advocate on your behalf. We leave emotion at the door, focusing on the facts and your target figure. We’re an ace up your sleeve, going into battle for you with the confidence of a warrior. Your best interest is ours.

4. Listen to learn

Property negotiators listen with intention. Areas of weakness can give us a foothold when it comes to haggling over price. We know exactly what to listen for to turn the situation to your advantage, save you valuable dollars and get the property you want.

5. Out-negotiate the selling agent

Property negotiators are phenomenal bargainers. We’re rational, tenacious and keep our eyes firmly fixed on the goal. We know that a good real estate agent will do their homework and understand their products, competition and market trends inside out. We’ve seen all the tricks in the industry and know how the race is run – and won. That’s where we can trump a real estate agent, drawing on our unmatched ability to read the situation with clarity and remain emotionally detached during negotiations.

Negotiating is what we do at Hello Haus, all day, every day. We’re good at it. So good, that if we can’t beat the price you want to pay, there’s no fee.

Ready to get us on your team and pay less for your property? Talk to us.

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    hello haus expert property negotiators

    hello haus expert property negotiators