FAQ - Hello Haus

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Hello Haus?

We have spent over 20 years listing and selling property in Australia and abroad. Extensive industry experience has taught us that a gap exists in the market for helping buyers at all price points to get themselves a better deal. We are offering our negotiation, communication and industry skills to navigate the buying process and ensure you pay the least amount possible for your home or investment.

How do I get in contact with you?

Simply enter your details through our website on the Contact page. Otherwise on 0400 119 830 or email contact@hellohaus.co

How do I get started using Hello Haus?

Simply enter your details through our website following the “Engage Scott” tab or call / email anytime.

What is a “Target Price” and can I amend this?

We will ask you to identify the property you wish to make an offer on, inform us of the property details including your thoughts as to the current value. You will then be asked to submit a “Target Price” which is the maximum offer you are authorising Hello Haus to make on your behalf.

It is possible to amend your “Target Price”. You will need to do so in writing via email contact@hellohaus.co.

Am I committed to buying the property we are discussing?

No. You can withdraw your interest at anytime prior to legally purchasing the property. If we are successful obtaining offer and acceptance on the property you nominated, you can withdraw from the purchase, however, our fee for service is payable in full.

Can I still talk to the listing agent myself?

Yes, however we strongly recommend avoiding discussions around price with the listing agent as that makes the job of Hello Haus negotiations very difficult.

Am I locked into a contract with Hello Haus for any set timeframe?

No. We will work on your behalf until the offer is rejected by the listing agent or you decide to withdraw your interest. If we have received offer and acceptance then our fee is payable in full.

How long does the negotiation process take?

Every negotiation is different. It depends on how long the property has been on the market, how realistic the vendors asking price is and how realistic your target price to offer may be.

How will I know if Hello Haus agree’s offer and acceptance with the agent?

You will be notified via email, SMS or by phone.

How do I terminate working with Hello Haus?

Send an email or sms at any stage contact@hellohaus.co or call 0400 119 830.

If the agent / owner accepts our offer, how do we pay Hello Haus?

Your credit card is charged our upfront fee of $3,500 + GST and we invoice you for any remaining balance with 7 day payment terms.

What is your fee for service?

Our fee is $3,500 + GST upfront, plus 15% of the difference between your target price and the agreed sale price. Example – you set a target price of $980,000, we get offer and acceptance at $960,000, there is a $20,000 difference between your target price and the agreed sale price, we charge $3,000 + GST (15% of the $20,000 saving) + $3,500 paid upfront = $6,500 + GST.

Do you offer refunds if the sale does not complete / settle?

If Hello Haus receives offer and acceptance from the selling agent on your behalf, then our fee is payable in full. Should you decide against proceeding with the purchase for whatever reason post offer and acceptance, then no refund is payable.

Is my private information kept confidential other than dealing with the listing agent?

Yes, you information will not be shared with third parties other the the listing agent of the property you have nominated.