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Engaging Hello Haus to negotiate the best price on your next property purchase is easy.

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  4. Sit back and relax while we secure your home at the best price

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Our Terms & Conditions

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The Final Step

Once you have completed and submitted (double check please!) the Hello Haus Engagement Form, the last thing to do before we get started is to authorise your credit card for our service fee. Hello Haus is a no win, no fee service – so if we do not successfully negotiate you a saving, you pay nothing.

Only when Hello Haus communicates to you that offer and acceptance has been achieved will our service fee be payable and your credit card will be charged $1800 + GST, with the balance of our fee will be invoiced to you on 7 day payment terms.

Our complete service fee is 15% + GST* of the difference between the Maximum Target Price and the purchase price for the Property which Hello Haus Pty Limited has negotiated for me/us as specified in the Offer and Acceptance. *A minimum fee of $1800 + GST applies.