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Property negotiation to buy faster, for less.

You spend a tonne of time searching for the right property.

It ticks all the boxes for looks, location and lifestyle.

Your finance is approved, local research is done and your heart is set.

But you’re not up for the real estate agent pressure and BS when it comes to negotiating the price.

That’s where I step in.

My purpose is to get you the best deal.

How it works

Secure your next property in five simple steps.

Let’s seal the deal, faster – for less.

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“Scott was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and supportive in my house-buying process. I would highly, highly recommend him. Here are the different ways he helped me – 1) Scott was great at helping me work out what to bid in a rising, competitive market.I bid on a few properties before working with him, and I didn’t really understand how fast the market was moving. I didn’t get the first property I bid on with Scott, but I ended up getting an offer on an off-market accepted a few days ago, and I don’t think I would have been competitive if he hadn’t helped me hone in on the reality of where the market was on that day. 2) I’m a first home buyer and found the process of buying in a hot market stressful. Scott is very experienced and is calm and supportive. Even though he’s really knowledgeable, he isn’t intimidating and it helped a lot to know I had someone like him to bounce ideas off. I am a first home buyer buying at the lower end of the market, but Scott worked as hard for me as he did for clients looking at places in the millions. He is basically the ideal combination of someone with a high skill level who also cares about his clients! A killer-combo in this market, where you need every advantage you can get. 3) Scott is able to talk to real-estate agents and sort out the lies from the truth VERY quickly, which saved me time and stress. There was a property I was interested in and in a 5 minute phone call Scott worked out that the property was being sold conditional on a grant of probate (legal, but sketchy) and that the property already had offers 30K over the asking price, which was out of my range. So, instead of me spending days working all that out, he found it out in 5 minutes. 4) Having Scott on my team helped me secure an off-market property, because the agent knew that I was a serious and committed bidder and that there would be no issues with settlement. I know from talking to the agent that she was really impressed with Scott’s communication skills, integrity and market knowledge – as well as his determination to get me the property! I think I got the house at a very good price and that Scott probably paid for himself quite a few times over. He certainly got me out of the market a lot faster than I could have on my own, which, in a rising market, means that he more than paid for himself in this way as well. Just to finish off this very long review (!) …I first came across Scott in an interview he did on the She Renovates podcast. If you’re thinking of engaging him, that interview might be useful to listen to, because it gives a good feel for how he works and his market knowledge. Thanks Scott!!”

Emma C

Ballarat, VIC