Buyer Assist

Our flagship service that makes home

buying easy.

Buy faster

Buy for the best terms

Buy for less

Buyer Assist will help you:


Save $41,000 on average compared to doing it alone


Access up to 40% more properties sold off-market and pre-market


Transact 7 times faster than the 7-month industry average


Get ahead of the competition


Secure your perfect property the first time

How does Buyer Assist work?

1. Strategy


We will assign a dedicated buyer coach to you


We'll collaborate to define your ideal property

"I'm looking for a three-bedroom house in either Newtown or Enmore."

2. Cutting-edge tech


Access our proprietary Haus Finder platform


Unlock up to 40% more pre and off-market properties for sale

New off-market listing in Newtown, NSW!

3. Analysis


Our expert analysis and due diligence will reduce your risk of overpaying


We throughly analyse the uniqueness of the asset and market conditions

Accurate appraisals

Competing listings

Historical growth rates

Buyer sentiment

Comparable sales data

4. Negotiation


Our expert skills control the negotiation


Land your dream property in one attempt

We negotiate an average savings of $41,000 per transaction

*Internal research and data quoted.

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