Agent Selector

A free service for sellers that can help secure

the leading local agent on the best terms

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We speak agent so you don’t have to!

Agent Selector is a FREE service for sellers that can potentially save you thousands in commission fees

How does it work?

1. Book a call with one of our experts

Let us know all the details about your property, your goals and timeframe.

2. We analyse your property 

We assess your property's current market value to provide you with realistic expectations and to help you avoid being lured to an Agent by an inflated market price.

3. We identify the most suitable agents

We research the market to find the leading three agents based on stock levels, past results, response times, how big their teams are, current workload and more.

4. We coordinate the logistics

We organise access to your property for each agent and then present you with their sales proposals.

5. Agent comparison

We compile an agent comparison document for your convenience, evaluating metrics like sales methods, marketing strategies and costs, estimated selling price and commission structure.

6. Choose the best-fit agent

We recommend an agent and explain our choice, but ultimately, the decision is yours.

7. Get the best agent, on the best terms

Negotiation is our superpower! We negotiate with the leading agent to secure them on the best terms for you.

Our goal is to help you list with the best agent so that you sell for a premium

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