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Hello Haus is Australia’s most trusted, property negotiation as a service business.  We are the only transparent, performance based negotiation business for home buyers and investors.

We believe, every property buyer should have expert representation when it comes to making their life’s largest purchase.

We sit between our client (the Buyer) and the Selling Agent to balance control of the selling process and expertly negotiate the lowest price and best terms for our clients property purchase.

We save our clients money, time and stress.

In Australia, only 3% of property transactions are transacted through a Buyer Advocate/Agent versus 50% in the United States, which means 97% of everyday people buying property today are doing it without expert representation and in most cases overpaying for the property, or missing out entirely.

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Hello Haus is NOT a Buyers Agency – we are a team of expert negotiators led by Scott Aggett, that work directly with Buyers who are ‘finance ready’ and have found their own property, but lack the confidence or expertise to control the selling agent and negotiate the lowest property price and best terms.

Scott Aggett’s passion for real estate began in Sydney in 1995 as a licensed real estate agent.  As a co-founder of three (3) Belle Property Franchises – Australia’s premier boutique real estate agency, he’s mentored and managed the transaction of hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and rentals.

Scott’s unique combination of professional and personal real estate success makes him an expert resource to have in contract negotiations – he has succeeded in the roles of vendor, agent, purchaser, business owner and investor alike and wants to see others thrive in the market as well.

It takes as long as 7 months and 90 hours of valuable time to buy a property.
On average Buyers view 12 properties and make at least 6 offers.
More than 50% of all Buyers are stressed, overwhelmed and anxious about the buying process.
Nearly 30% of Buyers are distraught they missed their dream home or investment.
Many Buyers will need finance approval twice, when it expires after 90-Days during the buying process.
Most Buyers will pay an emotional premium and more than a property is worth.
Some Buyers will settle for less than they deserve, because the market has moved from their budget.

You can “go it alone’ and become an above statistic OR make the smarter choice
and save Time, Money & Stress with Hello Haus

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