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Step One: Finance

Finance first to start the Buying Process.

Tempting as it is to apply for finance using your bank’s online loan calculator, there are better ways to find out how much you can borrow.

What can you afford? Have you got a deposit? Will you be leveraging the equity you have in another property?

While you may be able to answer these questions yourself, getting objective advice is always a good idea. You may want to consider the input of an accountant, a financial planner, your bank and a mortgage broker before applying for a loan. Each profession offers different services, and each will give you insight into your true financial position and borrowing capacity.

Financial advisors:

Financial advisors can help you plan your long-term financial strategy. They will help you to objectively define what you can afford and they work for you. Their professional agenda is to help you understand your finances and he or she will advise strategies to achieve your financial goals.

Financial advisors charge a fee and may also receive referral fees for loan or investment products that they recommend.

Mortgage brokers:

Mortgage brokers will research the loan products that are potentially available to you. They will make recommendations and present the most suitable finance products to you. He or she will also handle the paperwork associated with the loan application process and will communicate with lenders on your behalf.

Mortgage brokers don’t usually charge a direct fee – they are paid a referral fee by the lender that you choose (if you choose one they have recommended and if your loan is approved).

Your Bank:

The loans manager at your bank may be able to offer you a discount based on the value of other products you have with them. Conversely, the loans manager at a different bank may offer you a discount that wasn’t offered to your broker if you move all of your banking products to their institution.

Bank branch loans managers have sales objectives of their own to meet but he or she will be best placed to explain the full suite of banking products they have on offer – not just loan products.

Your Accountant:

Not everyone needs an accountant in addition to a financial planner. Those who are self-employed or have multiple investments, however, may need one to certify their statement of position before a loan is approved.

Accountants can also advise the potential tax implications of positively or negatively geared investment properties.

Move on to Step 2 of the Buying Process – Features, once you have a cash deposit and loan pre-approval. Before you know it, Hello Haus! you will be ready to make an offer and we will be ready to put our decades of real estate agency experience towards securing the property you want for the best deal. We’re experts in saving you money.

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