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Australia’s Most Trusted Property Negotiation Experts!
Save money, time and stress.

Hello Haus, is the only transparent, performance based property negotiation service,
working exclusively for home buyers & investors.

The New Model of Buying Property.

Gone are the days where a Buyer makes life’s largest purchase like a home
or an investment property without expert negotiation on their side.

❌  Only 3% of Buyers use a Buyer’s Agent. (It’s seen as an expensive luxury service by most people).

❌  97% of Buyers therefore, have no expert representation to save them time, money & stress.

❌  Of the 97%, most people are NOT “Buyer Ready” to analyse, negotiate, secure and transact with the selling agent.

… as such;

❌  Many Buyers will miss their dream home or investment (a few times). 30% say they are heartbroken.

❌  It takes on average 7 months & 90 hours of valuable time to buy a property.

❌  Buyers will research at least 300 properties and make 6 offers.

❌  More than 50% of Buyers are stressed, anxious and overwhelmed during the buying process.

❌  Many Buyers will need finance approval twice, when it expires after 90-Days during the buying process.

❌  Most Buyers will pay an emotional premium and more than a property is worth.

❌  Some Buyers will settle for less than they deserve, because the market has moved from their funding limits.

You can “go it alone’ and become a statistic above OR make the smarter choice
and save Time, Money & Stress with Hello Haus ✅