The best Buyers see more of the market & limit buyer competition

Welcome to the Get Buyer Ready Show by Hello Haus, where we go #live every Wednesday at 12.00 noon AEST Brisbane time.

Last week we talked in-depth around how to fine tune your property search criteria and put in the steps to build rapport with agents to stay top of mind.

Today's all about the property inspection and open homes to avoid making mistakes when an opportunity presents.

We'll discuss three important topics along the way which include;

  1. How inspecting the property first reduces the chance of competing against emotional end users.
  2. Which are the right and wrong questions to ask a selling agent, and why?
  3. The importance of giving accurate and timely feedback to selling agents whether you like the property or not.

How we Work

If you can find your dream property, we then expertly analyse its value, then insulate you from the selling agent to control the negotiation so you buy at the lowest price and best terms up to four times faster than average buyers who go it alone.

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