Auctions! Love or Hate them? Best conquer them!

Auctions! Love or hate them, they are a pillar of the real estate landscape in Australia and will be for years to come.

In this edition of the Get Buyer Ready show you'll learn the following;

  • Why do agents choose to sell via the auction method and why do so many buyers dislike the user experience?
  • We're going to unpack the inner workings of the auction sale from an ex-auction agent's perspective to give you the warts and all versions that's kept out of plain sight for buyers otherwise.
  • Agents love the theatre, pressure cooker environment and the control they have over buyers and the timing of the sale.
  • Buyers hate the agent game playing, underquoting, stress and pressure applied but many love the transparency an auction brings on the day.

Watch the whole of this video as we unpack all things auction, give you some easy to apply tips and tricks to reduce the pain and put you in control.


How we Work

If you can find your dream property, we then expertly analyse its value, then insulate you from the selling agent to control the negotiation so you buy at the lowest price and best terms up to four times faster than average buyers who go it alone.

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