Auction Day. There is only one winner!

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Get Buyer Ready Show.  We go #live every Wednesday at 12noon AEST Brisbane time in the Get Buyer Ready Facebook Group.

Last week on the show we talked a lot about buying through the auction process and why agents in particular love selling property via this method of sale.

This week let's chat all things auction day;

  • preparing for auction bidding
  • contract terms agreed
  • registering to bid
  • confirming your Target Price and market analysis
  • what to expect on the actual day
  • the pressure cooker environment, why agents love it and how you can control your actions
  • bidding strategies
  • why being the top bidder matters when the bidding stops below the reserve price
  • fake reserve prices
  • post auction negotiation

And much more. Watch the video below as it is jamb packed with golden nuggets.


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